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Safety Checklist for Public Wi-Fi.

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Electronic devices can probably connect wirelessly to the internet via Wi-Fi, which is available in many public places like Airports and Restaurants.
Public internet should not be trusted at all, and that’s why you need to prevent all these risks.
           Reducing Public wi-fi Risks.

  • Connect to a reputable Wi-Fi hotspot. Look for the original wi-fi name and password.

  • If your computer asks whether the Wi-Fi network is Public, Work, or Home, choose Public so that other Wi-Fi users can’t see or access the files on your hard disk.

  • Use secure https websites, which show a padlock icon in the browser next to the web address. Even if someone is listening in, all they see is the meaningless encrypted traffic.

  • Use different passwords for different websites, and don’t use your email password for anything else. You can use a simpler password for websites that don’t have your credit card number than the one you use for online banking. 

  • If your cellphone and phone contract support tethering, it can act as your own private Wi-Fi access point. You turn on its personal hotspot feature and give your hotspot a name and password. Then choose that hotspot from your computer.