Fanvil H2S 1-Line IP Hotel Phone Slim Design Wall-Mountable


Fanvil H2 1-Line IP Hotel Phone Slim Design Wall-Mountable

Fanvil H2S is a wall mountable hotel phone with single programmable key and one SIP-Account support. The Fanvil H2S Hotel Phone is PoE enabled and comes complete with all the standard phone features such as call hold, redial, and transfer. The SIP Protocol support makes it compatible with most of the IP telephone system platforms.


This is one of the Fanvil H2S 1-Line IP Hotel Phone Slim Design Wall-Mountable primarily designed for hotels. It can, however, be used in retail, healthcare or offices. Unlike all the other Fanvil Hotel Phones, this one has a single programmable key and can easily be mounted on the wall. Having one key doesn’t mean the phone is limited in features. It is actually limitless. It can be used in hospitality in the second guestroom or as a lobby phone. As a classroom phone in the education industry. Patient room phone in the healthcare industry and as a single entry-level port IP phone in general business.

In the hospitality industry, the Fanvil H2 1-Line IP Hotel Phone Slim Design Wall-Mountablecan be used to offer more customized services to guests in real time. Using the phone, guests can get easier access to guest service applications, allow easy access to valet services and food as well as options for resort and restaurant bookings.

Cutting costs in a hotel is of utmost importance. One complaint from guests while checking out is the high telephone bills they are slapped with. The Fanvil H2 1-Line IP Hotel Phone Slim Design Wall-Mountable can help you give guests customized bills such that they can even pay when checking in and don’t have to stay with the uncertainty of a high phone bill.

This phone also helps save time for the hotel administration staff. Imagine having to go through the numerous rooms taking orders or individually attending to the guests for information. This can be easily done through the phone, and the assistant can take all the requests for the specific rooms then distribute to the room service department. No one has to get out to get particular services or inquire about anything. If your guests came for a vacation, this provides a stress-free environment for them to enjoy the vacation.

Fanvil H2S Hotel Phone General specs

  • Wall mount installation
  • Configurable dial plan
  • Call transfer (consultative or bland)
  • Intercom/paging
  • Do not disturb
  • Call hold/release/transfer/redial
  • High interoperability. Compatible with major platforms like Asterisk, Broadsoft,3CX, Elastix, Zycoo, etc.
  • Ringer and volume level control.

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