Fanvil X2 Call Center IP Phone

Fanvil X2 Call Center IP Phone

Fanvil X2 is a call center IP Phone designed specifically for call center agent productivity.Fanvil X2P IP Phone boasts a high-performance, user-friendly design, which greatly improves call center efficiency. The Fanvil X2 is  PoE enabled and Supports RJ9 and 3.5mm headset port. There is allocated  LED buttons for mute/hold and auto answer. More over the X2 Call center Phone supports EHS wireless headphoneCompatible with all major platforms.


Fanvil X2 Call Center IP Phone

FFanvil X2 Call Center IP Phone is designed for call center environments where Internet calling is key to business success. The X2 IP Phone features an innovative design, high performance, and product efficiency.

Fanvil X2 IP Phone Overview

The X2 is a great solution for call centers and offices that use softphone applications. The innovative and unique design is easy to use and provides an easy interface to dial to your clients and or customers. With the X2 you can control your call via a pedal switch.

Fanvil X2 IP Phone Features and Specifications

  • Color Screen
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • HD Voice
  • EHS
  • LED Buttons for Mute/Hold and Auto Answer
  • Headset and Mic Volume adjustment
  • Pedal Switch for off-hook/on-hook call control
  • Web Dial- “One Button Call” function with call log and phone book

Power Supply sold separately.

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