Fanvil X3SP PoE VoIP IP Phone


Fanvil X3SP PoE VoIP IP Phone

The Fanvil X3SP PoE VoIP IP Phone that is designed to meet the need of any business who requires a reliable, dependable, IP phone. Fanvil X3SP delivers an ideal balance of high-quality, dependability, and value to any user. With high definition audio, Color Display and ability to deliver full-duplex speaker phone ability, Fanvil X3SP SIP unit can meet the needs of any business.


When buying an office or home phone, the Fanvil X3SP IP Phone is the ultimate choice. For the office guys, the Fanvil X3SP IP Phone is a perfect masterpiece for your business. The phone offers simplicity for office use with an elegant appearance. The phone is not primarily used as a desktop phone, but it can also be used to add value to the office as it is a beautiful artwork in the office.

Fanvil X3SP IP Phone is perfect due to its simplicity of use and it offers superior user experience. The phone can be used by anyone making it a perfect fit for the office space. It isn’t just another telephone fitting in your living room, but it also fits in as an artwork. When buying an office or home phone, simplicity is key and Fanvil phones are made to suit the user in their work and make their work easier.

The Fanvil X3SP IP phone Dubai is an entry-level phone offering cutting-edge technology, high voice quality and a sleek and modern design, all at a very affordable price. The Fanvil X3SP VoIP Phone support 2 lines, POE Support and built for ease-of-use and convenience.The X3SP offer Full duplex speakerphone and headset connectivity. Common features like Caller ID Display, Call Waiting, Call Hold / Resume and an Intelligent Phonebook support up to 500 entries supported in Fanvil X3SP.

Fanvil X3SP UAE equipped with Graphic multi-lingual Colour LCD (320×240) with a highly user-friendly interface.The X3SP  is Fanvil’s best value for any user who wants a color display but doesn’t require Gigabit networking.Fanvil X3SP IP Phones include unprecedented HD Voice, context-sensitive soft keys, Call log records up to 300, and Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Canceller. Ther Fanvil X3SP Offer dual Ethernet ports to connect the phone to your network and a workstation.The X3SP’s  Class 1 Power over Ethernet compliant to reduce infrastructure and simplify deployments.

Fanvil X3SP IP  phone AbuDhabi provides incredibly clear call quality through high-definition audio. The phone has a speakerphone and headset port, in addition to its included handset. Use this phone with your IP-based phone system, as well as other platforms based on Asterisk. X3SP VoIP Phone Perfect for casual users as well as call center environments.

The Fanvil X3SP IP Phone offers high interoperability and is compatible with major platforms like 3CX, Xorcom, Broadsoft, Elastix, Asterisk, etc. It also has a smart and friendly user interface with a 2.4/2.8 inch LCD color screen.

The X3SP IP Phone is  cost-effective phone built with user-friendliness and quality in mind. In business, communication is of utmost importance. Features in this phone like Noise Reduction, Comfort Noise Generation and Voice Activity detection take your business communication to another level.

Call features for Fanvil X3SP PoE VoIP IP Phone 

  • Call Answer/out/reject
  • Call hold/resume
  • Call transfer
  • Call resuming
  • Caller ID display
  • Call waiting
  • Auto answering per line
  • Redial
  • Call parking/pick up
  • Intercom
  • Voice messaging
  • Hotline

Fanvil X3SP Specification Details

  • 2 SIP Lines
  • HD Voice
  • POE Enabled
  • LCD x1: 2.4/2.8 inch (320×240) color-screen LCD
  • Keypad: 32 keys, including 4 Soft-keys
  • 2 Line keys with tri-color LED
  • HD Hands-free Speaker
  • HD Hands-free Microphone
  • HD Handset
  • RJ45 Ethernet Jack x2  / 10/100Mbps
  • Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC)
  • Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
  • Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
  • Background Noise Estimation (BNE)
  • Noise Reduction (NR)
  • Packet Loss Concealment (PLC)
  • Dynamic Adaptive Jitter Buffer up to 300ms
  • OpenVPN / L2TP (Basic Unencrypted)
  • VLAN / QoS
  • Remote Phonebook (XML/LDAP)
  • Intelligent Phonebook (up to 500 entries total)
  • Call log (300 entries total, in/out/missed)

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