Fanvil X6 Enterprise IP Phone


Fanvil X6 Enterprise IP Phone is an Enterprise-class  VoIP Business VoIP Phone with enhanced audio capabilities and features. The Fanvil X6  IP Phone includes up to 6 SIP accounts, an outstanding user interface on TFT color display, Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) with 2-port switch plus much more. The x6 IP Phone  is equipped with a large 4.3 inch colour display and navigation key to guide the user to the desired settings. X6 IP Phone equipped with dual LCD Screens. The Secondary screen along with 12 physical keys allows the configuration up to 60 DSS Keys.


This is a high-end phone that brings affordability and superiority to your business. The key to the success of any business is communication. Between the workers and between the customers and workers. This is why active and limitless communication is required in a growing business. The Fanvil X6 Enterprise IP Phone brings this to your office. It also brings in elegance and quality.

With the Fanvil X6 IP Phone you can attach a wired headset using the RJ9 port making it easy and convenient to use. If you want reliable communication in your business, Fanvil phones give you that opportunity. The Fanvil X6 IP Phone comes with three color LCDs. 2 of the LCDs are used for DSS intelligent mapping capabilities to enhance productivity at the workplace.

This is one of the high-end Fanvil phones that come equipped with numerous features to simplify business operations. Communication is no longer a limit with this Fanvil business phone. It is modeled to give you HD voice with built-in speakers giving you amazing audio quality.

Fanvil X6 Dubai enhances telephone user experience with high-fidelity wideband audio and improved navigation options. The Fanvil X6  6-Line IP Phone with Color Display is an excellent choice for businesses that require an enhanced user experience with an IP telephony service OR an IP PBX.  The X6 IP Phone uses industry-leading voice over IP (VoIP) technology with high-quality hardware providing additional connectivity via Bluetooth Via BT Dongle for headset connectivity.

Standard features on the Fanvil X6 Abu Dhabi include 6 SIP lines, VLAN-capable dual switched Giga Ethernet ports and Dual Color LCD Screens. The Main Display is 4.3 Inch (480×272) color-screen LCD, and the secondary display is 2.4 (480×272) color LCD Screen. The Phone is HD Voice capable and offers life like business conversations. The Virtual DSS Keys adds up to 60 buttons for receptionist applications. The Fanvil X6 VoIP Phone comes with an embedded VPN client with support for Open VPN OR L2TP Unencrypted, that allows remote users to securely connect to their phone system and make calls over the Internet, without the need of additional hardware.

The Fanvil X6 IP Phone UAE using state-of-the-art technologies such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) over Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure RTP, and HTTPS/SSL to secure communications between the user and service provider. QoS support in X6 IP Phone allows you to optimize your data traffic to ensure clear, reliable communications. Fanvil X6S provides natural wideband audio using the handset or the built-in full-duplex speakerphone. You can attach a wired headset using the RJ9 port. The Phone offer  Support for  Plantronics Wireless headset through Plantronics APD-80 EHS  Cable.

The Fanvil X6 Screen Interface and Buttons well-designed user-friendliness. The Keypad offer 46 keys, including4 Soft-keys, 8 Function keys, 12 DSS Keys with tri-color LED and 1 Hands-free key. The Fanvil X6 IP Phone is Compatible with Most of the IP Telephone Systems including Panasonic, Grandstream, Yeastar, Avaya, Sangoma and Asterisk Telephone Systems.

The Fanvil X6 IP Phone is a one-stop phone with all features simplifying your business communications. One mistake people do is prefer to use a set of tools that don’t always work well. Instead of all this, you can get this Fanvil Phone as it is a simple solution for businesses with parts designed to work together efficiently. With a phone like this, you get access to features that consumer phone lines can’t match. Starting from rule-based call answering to advanced call notifications and call screening.

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